Got Trust?

I recently attended a luncheon at the Univerity of Virginia and had the opportunity to hear a speaker with an impressive background having worked in government, business and media. Perhaps most noteable was his service in the intelligence community during the Cuban Missile Crisis. His humble but poignant sharing about some of the decisions made during that chapter of our nation’s history quickly earned the audience’s respect. Of all the things he could have spoken about, his key topic was the importance of truth.
This got me thinking about the era we live in today and the lack of truth in so many areas. It’s a basic thought I’m putting forth here, but in my opinion, without truth, you can’t establish trust. And without trust, you have no foundation for a lasting relationship. This simple, but valuable equation applies to both our personal lives and in business.

Truth –> Trust
Trust –> Lasting Relationship

In my business of representing both growing companies and placeable candidates, we see the best results first hand, only when trust has been established on both sides. For our client companies, this means clearly and truthfully representing the position, expectations, and opportunities for growth. For the candidates, this means authentically representing his or her experience and ambitions. With transparency and accurate sharing of information, decisions become clearer for both sides. This leads to companies hiring candidates who will produce a much greater return on investment and candidates making employment decisions that are both rewarding and lasting.
Beyond the dollars and cents, a lasting relationship is worth something.
What is it worth to you?

If you would like our assistance with any of the following, please reach out to set up an appointment today.

  • Help finding well qualifiied candidates for an important hire
  • Hearing about new opportunities in your area of expertise
  • Respresenting yourself authentically and putting your best foot forward in the interview
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