The REAL Secret Sauce

Here is the Secret Sauce to Hiring Exceptional Talent:   It’s not having a catchy tagline or a sleek logo. Though we admit, these are helpful…   A world class brand, digital media, and a huge advertising budget are all a big bonus, but these alone will not cut it.   It’s definitely not sending an overabundance of LinkedIn messages to targeted candidates. These candidates have already been identified by many, many others and additional messages are often just white noise.   It’s not about fancy enterprise software or applicant tracking systems either, though enterprise recruiting software company Yello recently received $31M to “humanize the candidate experience.”   Having your open jobs posted in a manner that beats the competition is very important; however, keep in mind that according to the latest LinkedIn research, even if the perfect candidate looks at your job, there is only a 1 in 4 chance he or she will apply.
If only you could have meaningful conversations with qualified talent who would benefit from hearing about your opportunity. This is what we do best. At Agile Search, we are on the front lines every day, developing personal and lasting connections with the exceptional people in this industry. All of the other stuff can help to do this more efficiently, but we don’t think there are any shortcuts to this recipe for success. The REAL Secret Sauce is making personal connections.   And personal connections open the door to meaningful conversations that can make a dramatic and positive impact on one’s career, growing organization, and life….   Contact us. Let’s have a meaningful conversation today.

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