Job Offers: When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Job Offers: When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Have you ever received a job offer that put a smile on your face?

But then, something just didn’t feel quite right?  And, you might have thought to yourself, I need a little more time to think about this.

So, what about those little feelings of uncertainty?  We will be the first to admit, they are most definitely worth exploring. Everyone makes decisions differently though, and this is a time when self-awareness should come in to play.

Do you tend to analyze? Or, maybe even, hyper-analyze, to the point of overthinking most decisions? If this is the case, then after your detailed analysis, you might just need to talk it over with a mentor who can provide guidance.

Alternatively, do you tend to know by intuition or “gut instinct” when something just doesn’t feel right? If this is the case, then those nagging uncertainties may need to be explored with some investigative due diligence on your part.

It’s always worth learning where the uncertain feelings are coming from, and taking action to validate or find logic behind your feelings is a valuable process. Also, questioning and validating any assumptions you’ve associated with your gut feelings can prove to be time well spent when it comes to big decisions.

And if, after some deliberate thought or due diligence, you determine that the little nagging feelings you’re experiencing DO have substance.  Then you’ll know what to do.

When it comes to offers, hiring decisions, or your current state of job satisfaction, if something doesn’t feel right, we always encourage exploring it further.

About the Author
John Compton
John has served as a Medical Device Industry Executive Recruiter, building relationships specifically in New England since 2002. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY and is a Babson MBA. John is also a former Army Officer and US Army Ranger School Leadership Award Recipient.